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Accessories for your next trip with up to 50% off
1 week ago 81 days left

Accessories for your next trip with up to 50% off

Up to 60% off
Accessories for your next trip with up to 50% off. Promo code not required. Avail this discount code with Discount Hub.
Great discounts from 70% off
1 week ago 81 days left

Great discounts from 70% off

Up to 60% off
Great discounts from 70% off. Promo code not required. Avail this coupon code with Discount Hub.
Up to 40% off in vibrant looks
1 week ago 81 days left

Up to 40% off in vibrant looks

Up to 60% off
2020 TRENDS | FLUORESCENT | up to 40% OFF in VIBRANT LOOKS. Promo code is not required. Avail this discount code with Discount Hub.
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The most prominent discount codes on AliExpress

Description of promotional codes on AliExpress Discount Expires
$6 off on purchases from $20. Promo code is required $6 1 April
$ 4 off on purchases from $ 5. A discount code is required $ 4 1 April

Frequent questions

What are the Aliexpress discount coupons for?

To save and get the item in which the coupon is used with an attractive discount. Coupons can greatly reduce the final price of the product. There are also coupons that allow you to obtain advantages in aspects such as shipping or gifts that are added to the order.

How to get coupons from Aliexpress?

This website is the best place to get coupons from Aliexpress. In Discounts 20 Minutes the most interesting ones are collected and with a precise explanation of their benefits, their use, and the conditions that must be followed for their use. There are three types of coupons on Aliexpress, the "normal" ones that consist of a code that allows a discount; those of seller, each one limited to a specific store or brand and those of selection, which are usually specific to a campaign or promotion or a certain type of user. On the Aliexpress website, you can also find coupons, especially selection and seller.

How to redeem Aliexpress discount coupons?

You just have to choose the items to be included in the order and add them to the cart. Once you press the buy button and go to the payment page, the space to enter the promotional code will appear at the top right. When the code is pasted or typed and confirmed, the discount appears. In the case of selection coupons, they have applied automatically.

AliExpress: thousands of products at incredible prices

AliExpress is the company through which Alibaba has an online presence in Spain and many other countries outside of China. It is a great bazaar where you can find all kinds of consumer goods classified in more than 40 very specific categories. This structure makes navigation very simple and that finding the product or type of product in which you are interested takes few clicks, which we also appreciate when buying online.

Although if AliExpress stands out for something, it is because of the prices it offers. So whether you want to change your smartphone, or if you want to change the decoration of your home, you will not need a large budget. And if that wasn't enough, you can find even lower prices at your fingertips with the AliExpress coupon that we provide you from Discount Hub.

Learn about the history of AliExpress

April 2010 is the date when Alibaba launches AliExpress, as the main commercial channel that allows individual customers to have access to consumer goods provided by Chinese wholesalers and retailers. The Alibaba group already had a platform of these characteristics, but AliExpress differs in that most of its audience is outside of China. For example, it is the most visited online store in India, and in our country, it also has a more than notable presence.

Since its first year of life, with only 5 million products for sale, AliExpress has significantly increased its product offering, and by 2012 it already had more than 20 million. Consequently, sales and turnover have increased incredibly. An important piece of information that gives more than obvious indications that AliExpres is an online marketplace that many people trust. On November 11, Aliexpress achieved a turnover of more than 8,600 million euros and 48 million visits in just 12 hours. . Do you still think AliExpress is not trusted?

From Discount Hub we provide you with all the information you need to get the best prices with the Aliexpress Promo Code that we will have prepared for you.

Shipping on AliExpress

The products that you can buy in AliExpress usually come from China, so it can take 15 to 30 days and they are free. To avoid any problems, many buyers ask the seller for the option of having the order sent to them as a gift.

However, you can also find a wide selection of products in the "72h Delivery to Spain" section, which are sent from a warehouse in your country, so in 72 hours you will have the product at home ready to use. In addition, with this option, you will be able to more easily return the product that you have previously purchased if obviously, it is still in good condition and on the other hand, you make sure that your order does not end up being withheld at customs.

The guarantees offered by AliExpress

After all that can be read on the internet about Chinese retail companies that sell in Spain, we are not surprised by the distrust of certain people when placing their orders. But we assure you that with AliExpress these types of problems are reduced to a minimum since they offer you the following guarantees:

  • A full refund of the amount in case you do not receive your order or do not receive it within the period promised by the seller.
  • A full or partial refund of the amount of your order in case the product does not have the characteristics that were described. You can either make a return and you will receive the full amount, or keep the product and receive a partial refund of the money.

It is also very important that you review the feedback or score of the seller you are buying from and the comments of other customers who bought from you before you, so you can complete your orders with more peace of mind.

In addition, the AliExpress payment process guarantees maximum security, since the amount is, in some way, blocked for sellers until the customer confirms that he has received the product without any problem.

The incredible catalog of products that AliExpress offers you

As we have already told you, AliExpress has a large number of categories and products. Normally, this online platform is mostly known for articles of clothing and footwear or for electronics and computers. But you will be surprised when you enter and discover that you can also buy decoration products, DIY tools, motor parts, and even food, such as tea, nuts, or coffee.

In addition, all the products are very well organized, so that if you use the filters correctly, you will soon find very interesting products on the platform. Read carefully all the specifications of the same (and do not forget to take a look at the comments of other customers about the seller) to find the one that best suits your needs. In the end, it will be hard to decide on one! Take advantage of the AliExpress discount code and get your product at the lowest price.


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