8 Supplements And Energy Drinks to Play Better

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A few decades ago, we would never have imagined associating video games with energy drinks. As it is an activity that is done sitting, nobody imagined it was necessary to take energy drinks to play better.

On the other hand, the emergence and popularization of sports brought a new layer to the act of playing: to be competitive, it is ideal that your mind and reflexes are sharp. For this, many rely on supplements and energy drinks to play better.

Just like gamer chairs, energetic chairs serve as accessories that enhance your experience. Therefore, there is no shortage of products that can help us with this. So we decided to bring some product options that can help you play better.

Note: Before you start, it is important to mention that some of these products contain high amounts of caffeine or sugar, so make sure you are in good health before you start experimenting.

1. One Of The Best Supplements Energy Drinks to Play Better – Roxx Energy

With the proposal of being a specific energy drink for game fans, Roxx Energy brings an energy powder with caffeine, arginine, NAC, and L-Taurine. Just dilute the energy drink in 300ml of water to enjoy the effects.

Roxx Energy : Energy Drinks to Play Better
Energy Drinks to Play Better: Roxx Energy

It is also worth mentioning that the mixture contained in the Roxx Energy powder is low in carbohydrates, in addition to being free of gluten, sodium, and lactose. In addition to powdered energy drinks, Roxx Energy also has a complete drinks catalog, with flavors inspired by drinks such as pina colada, but without alcohol.

It also has its own sweets and other items, such as company t-shirts and caps. Learn more about Roxx Energy by clicking on the link.

2. Best Supplements And Healthy Energy Drinks – Overclock Games

With a name inspired by the process of increasing performance when assembling a gamer PC, the energetic Overclock Games also comes with the proposal to increase performance, but of those who are playing.

Unlike conventional energy drinks, Overclock comes with a lower dosage of caffeine. The goal is to increase the focus as the player needs, avoiding caffeine overload, which causes irritability and anxiety.

In addition, the energy drink also brings doses of choline, which increases memory and concentration when playing. Access the link to know the energetic Overclock.

healthy ways to boost energy: Overclock Games
healthy ways to boost energy: Overclock Games

3. Best Supplements and Energy Drinks – K’psula Gamer

Also with choline, K’psula Gamer one of the best supplements and energy drinks also brings several flavors to the mixture, which must be dissolved in water before taking. It is worth mentioning that it also has caffeine, as well as guarana, both quite common in energy drinks.

Highlights of the energy drink for K'psula Gamer

Available in bottles that guarantee about 50 doses of the energy drink, the K’psula Gamer promises more energy and better quality of concentration when playing.

4. Supplements And Energy Drinks- TNT Energy Drink

Unlike the compounds shown above, TNT Energy Drink is already prepared to drink. On the other hand, it already has a more general characteristic. That is, it was not done with the gamer audience in mind.

This means that your compound is a conventional energy drink. That is, it is possible that his caffeine level is higher than in previous products. After all, the purpose of this energy drink is to keep you upright.

Still, we can consider it an option among energy drinkers to play better. In addition to being available in various flavors, TNT Energy Drink also has isotonic to keep you hydrated.

Supplements And Energy Drinks TNT Energy Drink
Supplements And Energy Drinks- TNT Energy Drink

5. The Best Energy Drinks – Razer Respawn

The manufacturer of gaming parts and peripherals also came to market with their own energy drinks to play better. As the first energy drink on the list, Razer Respawn is a powdered compound that must be dissolved in a glass of water.

The energy drink is available in the United States in four flavors: green apple, blue blueberry, pomegranate, and tropical pineapple. However, it is not yet available in the UK.

The best energy drinks - Razer Respawn
Razer Respawn

6.  Best Natural Energy Drinks– Caffeine

From here, we will talk about natural supplements, which are present in compounds. However, mixed with other elements that may not be as interesting.

A common point among energy drinkers to play better, caffeine is present in all of them. It allows you to improve your reaction time, as well as your perceptual memory. It is she who makes us aware of the surrounding details.

Caffeine can be consumed both in energy drinks and in the coffee itself. Cola soft drinks also have high concentrations of caffeine. Alternatively, you can also consume them in capsules, if none of these drinks please you or do not want to deal with the other elements present in them.

Best Natural Energy Drinks-Caffeine

7. Original Energy Drink – Ginkgo Biloba

Caffeine is not always the ideal element to improve your gaming performance. One of her cons is that she can increase her cortisol level.

Cortisol is nothing more than the hormone released in stressful situations. It causes your memory and ability to decide logically to be affected. That is, too much, caffeine hinders its performance.

Ginkgo Biloba has the opposite effect. It reduces the release of cortisol, decreasing your stress. With that, you will be able to compete in a more relaxed way, becoming able to make better decisions.

8. Energy Drink Extra Strength – Fish oil

Always remember when we talk about vitamin supplements, fish oil can also be one of the best supplements among energy drinks to play better.

Among its benefits for games, we can highlight the improvement in short-term memory, ideal for remembering patterns or tricks used by your opponents. Not to mention that it improves your cholesterol levels and heart health. Very good for countering the effects of snacks that we know you love to eat while playing!

Do you usually take energy drinks to play better?

These are some of the elements that you can use to improve your performance, especially in important competitions. Do you take some of these supplements and energy drinks to play better, or do you believe they are cheating?

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