10 Best Gaming Headphones From Aliexpress

Among so many gamer accessories that you may need when assembling your PC Gamer, one of the most important is the headphone to be chosen. There are many options available, but they can actually be quite expensive if you’re not careful.

Fortunately, reliable online import sites like AliExpress are able to offer a very interesting range of gaming headphones at affordable prices. To help you select the perfect headphone for your games, we have separated the best models found on Best Gaming Headphones From Aliexpress. Check it out below!

1. Best Cheap Gaming Headphones “Havit HV-2002D”

Havit is a well-known brand when it comes to accessories for gamers. The HV2002D model of gaming headphones is one of them.

It has a very soft foam that does not hurt the ears, being possible to use the accessory for hours without any hassle.

Best Cheap Gaming Headphones-Havit HV-2002D
Best Cheap Gaming Headphones “Havit HV-2002D”

Other than that, it has a microphone that can be removed at any time, something great for when you don’t need to use it.

It is also worth mentioning that the headset can be used both on the PC and on consoles such as PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

2. Best Budget Gaming Headphones “Kotion G2000”

The Kotion G2000 can be a great option for those looking for something with more personality. Like so many gamer’s accessories, it has lights around it to give a more interesting effect in general.

The cool thing is that there are some colors available, so you can choose the one that best suits your style. It has a very beautiful design, its foam is soft and the microphone is quite robust, although it is not removable.

Best Budget Gaming Headphones "Kotion G2000"
Best Budget Gaming Headphones “Kotion G2000”

Best of all, in this package offered on AliExpress, a mouse and a mousepad are included at no extra cost.

3. Best Premium Gaming Headphones “HyperX Cloud Stinger”

HyperX is another excellent brand that is well known for the gaming headphones it makes available on the market. On AliExpress, one of the most sought-after models is the HyperX Cloud Stinger. It has a very beautiful and more discreet design than some of the other gamers’ headphones.

Best Premium Gaming Headphones "HyperX Cloud Stinger"
Best Premium Gaming Headphones “HyperX Cloud Stinger”

It is also very comfortable, with a microphone and high-quality audio.

4. Best Budget Gaming Headphones “HyperX Cloud Alpha”

Another very interesting model from HyperX is Cloud Alpha. It has a more striking design, but it can also be more comfortable for its users.

Best Budget Gaming Headphones "HyperX Cloud Alpha"
Best Budget Gaming Headphones “HyperX Cloud Alpha”

5. The Best Gaming Headset for PC gamers “Nubwo N2”

Although not from a brand as well known as the others, the Nubwo N2 is one of the best-selling (and well-rated) gaming headphones on AliExpress.

The Best Gaming Headset for PC gamers "Nubwo N2"
The Best Gaming Headset for PC gamers “Nubwo N2”

Its look does not deviate much from the gamer standard, although it is not that flashy. Fortunately, it is adjustable and can accommodate any user quite comfortably.

6. Best Budget Gaming Headphones “Eksa e900”

Finally, we have the Eksa e900, which is more discreet and very functional. His look may be simpler than others on our list, but he still has a lot of personality.

Other than that, it is fully adjustable, including its microphone that can be moved in any direction and is still removable.

Best Budget Gaming Headphones "Eksa e900"
Best Budget Gaming Headphones “Eksa e900”

This model also has noise cancellation and static on the microphone, which is great for those who play many multiplayer games.

7. Best Budget Gaming Headphones “Logitech G Pro”

There is no denying that the Logitech G Pro has a higher price compared to our other recommendations. Still, it is easily one of the highest quality gaming headphones today.

It has a discreet look, is very comfortable to wear for hours at a time, has the excellent audio quality, and comes with a removable microphone.

The best thing is that in addition to having the guarantee of Logitech for a long time, you can use this headphone on your PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch or on your smartphone.

8. Best Gaming Headphones “Razer Nari Ultimate”

Razer is another extremely well-known brand for gamers. Not only do they offer quality products, they also make a point of providing accessories with interesting functions and looks for this audience.

In the case of the Razer Nari Ultimate, we have a very nice (and discreet) headphone with excellent audio quality. Its adjustable shape allows it to be comfortable for all types of people and in very long gaming sessions.

It is worth mentioning that it is wireless and works via Bluetooth. Still, his battery lasts more than 16 hours of continuous use and he has no delay in receiving sound.

9. Best Budget Gaming Headphones “Onikuma K1”

The Onikuma K1 is another good option for those who want a package of gaming headphones and a mouse, as it comes with both. Its look is very stylized, which is great for those looking for a headphone more flashy or different from the others.

It also has a non-removable microphone and can be used easily on your PC, smartphone or different table consoles.

10. Best Cheap Gaming Headphones “Hunterspider V1”

The Hunterspider V1 also features a very different and eye-catching design, especially for those who like colorful headphones to import over the internet.

It is still very adjustable and can be used comfortably for hours. Although it is not removable, its microphone is retractable and can be hidden when not using it. The quality is very good and it can be used on any device with a normal headphone jack.

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